Why we need Enzyme?What are enzymes? What is different Noni Enzyme and Noni juice ? 

Enzyme is a polymeric substance which creates biological catalytic.

Human digestive system needs digestive enzymes,

almost all of the cells processes require enzymes in order to become active,

most of the enzymes can activate the cells hundred times the original,

so it is different from fruit juice.


Juice needs to be refrigerated, otherwise it will be deteriorated,

such products price ranged from 10 to 20 dollars per liter.

And it needs to be consumed within a few days. In the past, some Noni products,

such as Noni White Grape juice were available for sale with little effect and short

storage period. Those products were usually at low production cost and may

contain sugar and preservatives.


Noni fruit enzyme has been fermented three years after sealed packing.

When the bottle is opened and exposed to air, it will continue to ferment in

cool room temperature. The texture will be relatively thin for the first few

times, but it will become more and more concentrated. At higher temperature,

enzyme fermentation will be faster, the lower the temperature, the slower

fermentation and sometimes it may even stop, so not to store the Noni enzyme

under less than 3 Degree Celsius.

Let it continues to ferment under room temperature, the effects will even be

better, but should be consumed within 1to3months after opened.

Taste may vary before and after the fermentation process, like fine wine,

initially it tastes slightly sour but later somewhat it may taste slightly with alcohol,

if not used to the flavour, close and place the Noni Juice Enzyme in 20 Degree Celsius so that

the fermentation rate will be decreased. This product is six times concentrated,

it can be mixed with blackcurrant juice or your favorite fruit juice and diluted with

water for the first trial, and then slowly eliminate the habit.

This product has no sugar added which is suitable for people who concern about blood level.



1. Repair, activate and regenerate cells, increase metabolism, and gradually 

    improve skin problems. 
2. Eliminate free radicals, anti-oxidation and anti-aging, keep skin looks shiny 

    and weight control. 
3. Decomposition of lipids, purify the blood and accelerate lymphatic circulation, 

    eliminate waste, achieve lymphatic drainage effect. 
4. Endocrine balance, detoxification and reducing facial acne. 
5. Anti-inflammatory antibacterial, inhibition of harmful bacteria in the stomach

    and the intestinal. 
6. Prevent constipation, clean up the intestinal residual and maintain metabolism. 
7. Improve immunity, get rid of excess accumulation of water, and to improve the

    health physique rejuvenate. 


The organic Noni enzyme is a modern healthy food, which provides 100% vitality !