Herbs Tooth Forms - total care of the oral cavity hygiene

All ingredients are organic, natural food-grade raw materials and are in line with the standards of the FDA certified of USA.
> No Fluoride
> No Preservative,
> No Chlorhexidine
> No Triclosan
> No Strontium Chloride
> No Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate.
Natural herbal dentifrice foam can be use many times daily.
 The Ultra-concentrated formula can pump over a hundred times.

How to use Tooth Foams

Shake well before use. Press the pump 1 to 2 times to deliver foam into mouth then gargle or put some on the toothbrush and brush the your teeth. Spray 1-2 times into a cup of 30-40ml of water and use as mouthwash. For sensitive teeth, tooth decay, oral ulcers, gargle for 2-4 minutes before spitting.


Multi-functional and easy to carry when travelling. Suitable for:
 Periodontal disease, sensitive teeth.
 Tooth Foams have a remarkable effect on gum bleeding, mouth ulcers, sore throat and acts as a rapid anti-inflammatory and accelerates healing. They also eradicate harmful, bacteria in the oral cavity, preventing tooth decay and oral diseases. They reduce tooth sensitivity help protect gums with artificial teeth.
Moisturizing fish collagen helps to soothe your mouth and make gargling a comfortable, experience.

Remarkable effect on the ulcer of nasal mucosa, mouth ulcer, acne and sore throat Enable rapid anti-inflammatory, and accelerate healing. Eradication of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, clean teeth, and to deep clean the whole mouth, preventing sensitive teeth, tooth decay
 and oral germs. Reduce tooth sensitivity and to help to protect gums with artificial teeth.
The liquid floss can deep clean the residue of the mouth and teeth after eating which can effectively prevent oral diseases, and bring you long lasting fresh and clean aroma.

Herbal tooth foam is committed to protect the health of the teeth and gums, natural herbs
with antibacterial protection, effectively prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the surface of the teeth and gums.
Herbal tooth foam is designed for maintaing oral health, teeth will become more smooth and clean after use, contains moisturizing ingredients, provides oral moisturizing and comfort.
Herbs includes Ginseng Tienchi, Cactus and Aloe, Propolis. The foam is rich in amino acids and vitamins to improve oral health. Herbal tooth foam is a unique, which is a comprehensive oral hygiene products with fresh mints.  Easy to use, at place and anytime.

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.
Expiration date: 3 years from the manufacturing date (yy/mm/dd)