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受歐美人歡迎的 Dr. SINO® 紅光按摩發熱帶




Red Light Therapy is a revolutionary approach to feeling your best. Whether you experience rapid relief or improve steadily over time, Red Light Therapy is the missing ingredient that restores health deep within your joints and tissues.

Medical LED with optimum 660nm therapeutic Wavelength. The Silver Moon® Tendon and Joint, less body fat and skin beauty treatment, Red Light Therapy device uses advanced optics to deliver needed energy to vital intracellular quantum-biological processes, in just minutes!

採用最佳 660nm 治療波長的醫用 LED 紅光技術,可深入穿透致組織中,有助治癒深層傷口、神經損傷或關節疼痛。紅光也有抗炎效果,有助減少炎症,是一種常見的物理治療方式。它促進生長增加新陳代謝,促進生物生長,促進膠原蛋白生成也是美容,美髮的新寵。

Dr. SINO® 紅光按摩發熱帶 屬於醫美用品,生產廠家已登記國家級醫療級器材,是利用做減肥,美容輔助,用作家居舒緩身體各部位肌肉、肌腱及關節痛楚而設的光學理療產品。



Dr. SINO®比市場上同類(且更昂貴)的紅光儀器至少更亮,燈珠更多更密,穿透力更深。

Dr. SINO®取得國家級監管頒發的第二級醫療器材認證 (相關認證可查閱),信心保證,安全可靠。

The Dr. SINO® device has each single button, one control lighting and heat, other is massage model.  You can decide to use each single button or both button at the same time. 

Each button have three color light which appear high medium and lower temperature, and massage model.  Lightly tap on the button 2-3 second turn on, or same way to turn off.

Each session 10~35 minutes depend on mussel size, and body size.  Due to body muscle size is different, the lighting timing are also deferent.  Depending on how badly the joint is injured it will usually take between 3 and 21 days to get the pain down to a minimum or completely gone.

It auto-adjust the light from red to blue or green, depend on it ai test itself safety temperature when over safety time.

Lightly tap on the button again, and it will turn back to red light again. Repeat 3 to 4 times per day for each spot treated, where each session consists of up to total 35 minute doses.

For parts with less muscle and more mucosal tissue, such as the head and face, it is recommended to take photos only once a day.  Apply wet aloe vera gel on your face, and cover the front of your eyes with a thick cotton pad or an eye mask. Eyes are not suitable for direct exposure for more than 4 minutes.


Dr. SINO®設備具有每個單獨的按鈕,一個控制照明和加熱,另一個是按摩模型。 您可以決定同時使用每個按鈕或兩個按鈕。

每個按鈕都有顯示高中低溫的三種顏色的燈,以及按摩功能。 輕按按鈕 2-3 秒開啟,或以相同方式關閉。

由於體型不同照射時間有所不同。每節 10~35 分鐘取決於肌肉大小和體型。

根據關節受傷的嚴重程度,通常需要 3 21 天才能將疼痛降至最低或完全消失。


再次輕輕點擊按鈕,它會再次變回紅燈。 每天對每個治療部位重複 3 4 次,其中每次治療由最多 35 分鐘的為建議。



Health Care Essentials and Home Physiotherapy Equipment 

(Phototherapy Massage+ Red light + Far infrared heat)       

Pocket Power Bank and Charging Cable

1)    The rechargeable is convenience for home at any time, and it can be worn when exercising to help accelerate fat burning.

2)    Widen all channels, help circulation in the body.

3)    Relax massage, relieves fatigue and soreness feeling.

4)    Accelerate wound healing, rehabilitation care.

5)    Red light energy encourages celebrates the rapid growth of collagen to ensure achieve beautiful effects.

6)    Help make hair thick and thicker.

7)    Circulate the meridians of the living body, lot of light can cover most of the acupuncture points.










7) 循環活體經絡,大量光線可以覆蓋大部分穴位。

**It is household personal care item, not for medical treatment purpose without professional advice***


Principle: The warming effect of Red light  + FarInfrared +  Massage


Three-color temperature adjustment button

Red Light: High temperature 65±5

Green and Blue Light button reduce temperatures