Kenko Martina 瑪汀娜 CHITRA 純天然植物護膚 金盞花洗髮露 沐浴露 玫瑰果艾草無矽靈防脫髮洗頭髮水 姜洗髮水 茶樹油洗髮水 抗菌Lotion抗菌護膚水, 寵物護理水 青黛膏 Herbal Bath and handmade soap special skincare for Eczema, sensitive skin, rash, redness, itching , blistering , oozing bleeding skin 金盞花沐浴露和中藥花草手工香皂專用於濕疹,敏感皮膚,皮疹,紅腫,瘙癢,滲血性濕疹皮膚的日常護膚需要。 代理日本品牌滾輪牙刷Neblon 同Kurun Runda同款牙刷

日本製品:口腔護理品, 減少鼻鼾防止磨牙牙托 纳米银防菌防臭科技

防磨牙器 (售馨)  

關注鼻鼾失眠 請用經絡按摩戒指

幫助上下顎咬合正確,在睡眠中糾正上下顎錯位,減輕惱人的鼻鼾, 令到呼吸順暢。


How to use the Anti-Snoring Gutta-percha


1Put both flank of gutta-percha with the word of Top upwards where between upper molar tooth and lower molar tooth.


2The upper molar tooth and lower molar tooth get alignment occlusion for tightening the muscle arround pharynx, prevention form blocking the respiratory path.


3This products is the tiny parts, so, it is not suitable for children and the patients with loose pharyngeal muscle. Please consult with doctor if there are problems.


Thee Functions of the Revolutionary Design

Avoid Snoring   

Improve Occlusion 

between the Upper and Lower Teeth  Improve the shape of chin during sleep